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Primary/Secondary Food

I operate upon the belief that you can eat all the vegetables in the world, but if your career, relationship, physical fitness, or mind body connection is off balance, what you eat is not going to be the ONLY answer to lead you on your journey to better health with less migraines.

Bio individuality

I also believe that everyone is individual. That’s why some people love the Paleo diet and feel great, while others feel best on a vegetarian or vegan diet. I don’t believe in the philosophy of one diet fits all. I will however help you figure out what diet works best for you!

Crowding out

Finally I don’t believe in taking away everything you love to eat and making you eat things you dislike. I think incremental changes are the ones that last the longest. I plan to offer you choices to crowd out your less healthy eating choices, while you can keep eating the things you love in moderation.

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Six month program

Studies show that in order to make lasting changes in your life, six months is the best time frame for a coaching program.  It gives you time to encounter all the challenges that you face when creating your healthy lifestyle whether that be job stress, vacation, or illness.  Not only will I work to improve your migraines from day one with with strategies regarding sleep, hydration, and nutrition, but I will also help you with career, relationship, and mind body connection tips.




Three month program

A three month program is great for those who can’t commit to a full six months, but are ready to make some serious changes in their daily lifestyle.  If you stay committed to the changes you make over the first three months, there’s no stopping you from maintaining them.  However, if you choose you can always add more individual sessions onto the end or your program or even another three month program if you so choose.




Individual Coaching Sessions

Individuals sessions are offered for clients mostly who have already completed a three or six month program.  However, if you feel that you only need one or two sessions to get you started or you want to continue a previous program I am happy to discuss this with you and we will decide together on a case by case basis.  I am absolutely here to help.  


My clients agree that My Head Coach is different

Home nutritionist



Home nutritionist



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Home nutritionist




Christine speaks out

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    I will help you identify your migraine triggers with my specialized protocol developed based on expert elimination diets and from years of trial and error on my own migraine triggers

    Working with your doctor

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    Personal program

    I will create a completely personalized program for you. No two clients are alike.




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    @myheadcoach - 3 years

    Aimovig still working well after 6 months. My 7th dose is due today. Hooray! Stay tuned on my blog for a full review

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